Vertical Autoclave

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Digital Micro Chip Control 

Sizes: 400 × 600mm (16 inch × 24inch)

Product Description

Autoclave is  Equlpped with:

  • Steam release valve.
  • Double Excess pressure Spring safety valve for extra safety,
  • Pressure gauge
  • Water Drain outlet.
  • Heating element 3kw. 220v – 50hz


  • All Stainless Steel construction,
  • Inner Chamber (size: 400 × 600 mm) is construction from stainless steel 304 sheet.
  • Double walled construction, lid is made of thick die  pressed SS 304 Sheet in mirror finish.
  • the unit is fitted with 8 wing nuts to hold the lid at high pressure.
  • automatic Sterilizing cycle at 121˚ C.

Sterilizing Cycle & Features:

  • Sterilizer cycle s fully automatic & controlled by microchip Controlled coupled with sensor which senses the temperature of inner chamber.
  • The Microchip controlled also displays the inner chamber temperature and the remaining time of the sterilization cycle.
  • It also gives us the time adjustment facility to increase or decrease the sterilizer time as per the requirement of the end user.
  • During the heater cycle display will shows remaining time at every minute with one beep sound .
  • After completing the heater cycle display shows “done” with  beep sound for 30 sec
  • At any point of time during the cycle or on the standby mode it is required to switch off the power,long press the Power key. And to start again long press the power key.
  • Depressurizing & Unlocking the unit is manual.

Working Pressure & Temperature

  • The working pressure for sterilization process is (15psi – 17 psi)
  • The working Temperature for sterilization process is 121˚C.

Unit protection measure:-

  • When sensor is not working, “Err1” blinking on the display and unit cut off the heater supply.
  • When temperature goes above 125˚C , “Err1” blinking on the display and cut off the heater supply.


  • When any key is press buzzer is activate.



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