Table Top Front Loading High Pressure Autoclave

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• Specially designed for the occasions in use of frequent sterilizations.
• Equipped with the microprocessor for intelligent control
• Man-machine interface for convenient operation.

Product Description

This Autoclave is specially designed for the occasions in use of frequent sterilizations. It is equipped with the microprocessor for intelligent control and man-machine interface for convenient operation. With the distinctions in displaying parameter and condition actively, evaluating malfunction automatically, shutting o for self-protection automatically in case of excessive temperature and pressure, this type autoclave is reliable product in sterilizing.


The Front loading Stericlave has the preset cycle at 121°C and 134°C with time adjustment facility. You can choose the cycle as required and adjust time accordingly. The FLS has the LED display that displays the temperature throughout the cycle & the remaining time when the sterilizing cycle is in progress. LED Display also helps in setting the sterilizing cycle
and time. The outer body is CNC fabricated in MS sheet which is further powder coated to make it corrosion free. Inner chamber is constructed in rust proof Stainless steel 304 with the capacity of 18 liters. Inner trays of the FLS are made of Aluminum corrosion resistant material. The dimension of the autoclaves should be within range of 360-390mm x 400-420mm x 520 – 530 mm.


The FLS has the Automatic failure detections system with Visual Error messaging / Protection measures.

  • When sensor is not working, ‘Err1’ blinks on the display and unit cut o the heater supply.
  • When temperature goes above preset cycle temperature, ‘Err2’ blinks on the display and unit cut o the heater supply.
  • The FLS is equipped with a separate spring loaded safety valve for extra safety.

The FLS has the option:

  • At any point of time during the cycle or on the standby mode it is required to switch o the power, long press the Power key. To start again long press the power Key.
  • After completing the heater cycle display shows ’done’ with audible beep sound for 30 sec.
  • When heater is ‘ON’ “H” will appear on the display.

The FLS has the Features:

  • Automatic water intake.
  • Double thermodynamic initial vacuum.
  • Gives the audible double beep when the sterilizing cycle starts and single beep every minute till the end of the cycle to ensure the cycle is in progress.
  • Automatic water /steam exit after the cycle is complete.
  • Dry cycle starts after the sterilizing cycle is complete.
  • All systems are controlled by Microprocessor for convenient handling.


Technical Data:


Type 1

Chamber Capacity 250 X 350 mm
Outside Size( L * W* H)CM 51 x 43 x 37cm
Sterilize Temperature/Cycle Preset 121° C & 134 ° C
Sterilize Pressure (Map) 0.10 Mpa & 0.21 Mpa
Sterilize Time [Adjustable] 20-25 Min & 4-6 Min
Dry Time 8-10 Min.
Heater 1500W
Chamber Material Quality & Volume Inner Chamber Stainless Steel 316 L / 20 liters (Approx.)
Electric Current 220 / 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Safty Equipment Physical Spring Safety valve. Overheat protection inbulit system in Microchip.
Automatic water Intake Yes
Disinfection principal / ThermodynamicIntial Vacuum Pulse Exhaust sysytemUses the Hot vapor power

emmissions cold air/ 2 Times

Automatic water/Steam Exit Yes (After the sterilization cycle)
Water Reservior Yes
Temperature and Time display LED Process status Display
Sterilizing Cycle time Time for sterilizing cycle can be set as required
Pressure display Pressure gauge
Accessories Standard accessories ( Aluminum Trays = 3pc . Tray frame = 1Pc. Take plate *1pcs)



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