Shallow Tray

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Product Description

In Inches
ln MM
Deluxe Super Deluxe
8X6 200X150X25 KSTD 201 KSTS 301
9X6 230X155X25 KSTD202 KSTS 302
10X6 255X200X25 KTSD203 KSTS 303
11X7 280X180X25 KSTD204 KTSS 304
2X8 300X205X25 KSTD205 KSTS 305
12X10 305X255X25 KSTD206 KSTS 306
14X10 355X255X25 KSTD207 KSTS 307
15X12 380X305X25 KSTD208 KSTS 308
18X12 455X305X25 KSTD209 KSTS 309
  • Shallow Tray height can be made from 20mm to 30mm as per
  • Product mentioned as “Economy” are made of 35mm S.S. sheet.
  • Product mentioned as “Deluxe” are made of 5mm J4 grade 5.5. sheet.
  • Product mentioned as “Super Deluxe” are made of 5mm 304 grade S.S.
  • Product can also be made from 6mm S.S. sheet to 0.8mm S.S. sheet as per customer requirement with reasonable minimum order.
  • All Sizes are approximate & measured from inner to inner



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