Neonatal phototherapy unit CFL

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Phototherapy system for treatment of neonatal hyperbilirubinaenia.

It is powered by a six – CEL module providing intense blue light. Unwanted heat is filtered and eliminated

SLEEK and efficien ECONOMIC performance

Product Description

CFL module

For the first time in the world, six lamps are used for speedy and effective treatment. The CFL’s provide blue light at ~18 µW/cm ²/nm. CFLs last five times longer than ordinary tube lights, requiring less frequent replacement. The CFL comes optionally with four blue and two white lamps for examination of the infant.


Focused blue light

Light from the CFL module is focused on the baby bed, avoiding scatter into the care-provider space.


Heat dissipation

Special vents are provided on the light unit to divert heat, avoiding undesirable warming of body.


Compatibility with other equipment

The tiltable light unit may be placed over any bed or incubator and in combination with a radiant warmer or another CFL unit for additional intensity. The height of the unit is adjustable, so that it is suitable for different bed heights. The T-Shaped base slides conveniently out of the way under other equipment.



The CFL is provided with separately operated white lights. A chronometer is provided to monitor lamp usage. An additional chronometer may be used for management of treatment.


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