Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator

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The Neonatal Intensive Care Incubator has been specially designed to proved the safest and most stable environment for the critical neonate. With a wide range of accessories, it can be tailored to meet any situation arising in th care of the infant.

The excellent nursing facilities, safe and reliable operation, ease of cleaning and sturdy construction of the KEM 100 make it a vital part of the equipment in the hospital.

Product Description

Canopy : 900x450x430mm
Mattress : 525x380mm
Height : 1425mm
Depth : 585mm
Width : 945mm
Baby Tray : Fixed tray with Mattress
Castors : 125mm diameter, with brakes


Recommended Environmental Specifications


Warm-up time to 37°C : 20 min @ 20 °C
Ambient temperature control : 28 °C to 39 °C, 0.5 °C incrmt.
Skin temperature : 35 °C to 38 °C, 0.5 °C incrmt.
Noise level inside Canopy : <45 dBA.
Air velocity over bed : <25 cm/sec.
Air filter capacity : 99% (for 0.5um)
Air and skin temp. sensor accuracy : +/- 0.1 °C


Salient Features:


The Electrical Controller:

– The Controller based on Micro computerized systems.
– Large bright display for easy monitor and for viewing from a distance.
– Digital display system provided to measure the Infant temperature, Air Temperature
and to set the required temperature.
– Feather touch keys provided for easy for easy operation.
– Bar graph LED system to indicate the heater output.


Fault Indications with Alarm for-

For skin and air temperature too low or high, fan failure, heater failure, power failure, skin and air probe failure, canopy open, temperature >39°C in any mode, control module open and circuit fault.


Baby Probe / Air Probe:

Baby probe / Air probe is made of highly sensitive sensor and interchangeable, field calibrations taken care of by software. The probe is made up of silicon sheathed cable, which allows easy cleaning.


Other Facilities:

– IV Stand Provided
– Front panel with large door and 2 port holes.
– Rear: 2 port holes and 4 holes for tubes
– Combined window rotation and closing system
– Stand with integrated base cabinet.
– Three Storage drawers
– Transfer handle
– Guard rail and support
– Fitted with support for O2 cylinder
– Platform for use with monitor or pulse oximeter (Optional)


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