Micro Centrifuge 16000 r.p.m.

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Rotor of Micro Centrifuge
12 tubes of 1.5ml / 2ml capacity


Product Description

  • 􀀁High speed MIcro Centrifuge Max R.P.M. 16000
  • 􀀁Heavy duty plastic injection moulded body.
  • 􀀁Stainless Steel protection bowl.
  • Fitted with well balance universal motor having long life with inported carbons.
  • 􀀁Microprocessor based Digital Timer of range 0-15 min. with LCD display.
  • 􀀁Preset speed controls thru microprocessor from 2000 to 16000r.p.m.
  • Digital display shows Set Time/Run Time/R.P.M.


Supply completed with following accessories:

  • 􀀁Rotor Head to accommodate 12 eppendorf (Centrifuge Tubes with cover) of 1.5ml/2ml (12 x 1.5/2ml)
  • Reduction adopters for 1.5ml eppendorf (MIcro Centrifuge Tubes)
  • Head Puller, Spanner, Dust cover, Instruction manual, Cord & plug to work on 220 volts 50 Hz A.C.

Optional at extra cost:

  • 􀀁Rotor head to accomodate 24 micro tubes.
  • Any other size of rotor to accommodate micro-centrifuge can be supplied at customer’s requirements


Dimension of Machine : L=290mm, W=270mm, H=240mm
Weight of Machine: 9.5kg. approx.
Dimension of box: L-355mm x W355 x H-340mm
Weight of Box: 11kg. approx.



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