Electro Surgical Units

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Be it inter or intra hospital transfer, proper transportation is crucial from the time infant is picked up till reaching the destination.

Product Description

  • Electrosurgical units are required to provide cutting and coagulation electrically during
    surgical procedure
  • Microcontroller-based multi-programmable by the user.
  • Isolated Electro surgical generator, designed for all surgical procedure and with Spray
    mode for Cardio Vascular Surgery and vessel sealing system .
  • Ensure controlled, precise desiccation with less destruction of peripheral tissue.
  • Permits two surgeons to operate from a single generator.
  • Low voltage coagulation – It has three types of cut modes – Low, Pure & Blend
  • It has four coagulation mode – Maximum output: 470-520KHz sinusoid.
  • Power efficiency rating more than 96 – Modes: Both Bipolar and Mono-polar
  • Mono-polar has cutting, spray, desiccation and fulguration modes
  • Under water facility is available, Convection cooling system
  • This unit is capable of operating continuously in ambient temperature of 10 – 40 deg C
    and relative humidity of 15-90%
  • This unit can stored continuously in ambient temperature of 0 -50deg C and relative
    humidity of 15-90%
  • Power input to be 220-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • The Unit supplied with all standard accessories and mobile Trolley.



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