Bili Flux- LED Series

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Neokraft make Phototherapy units are full featured NICU equipment to meet Neonatal critical care requirements for
new-born baby those in need of jaundice treatment. Phototherapy (blue light treatment) is the process of using blue light
to eliminate bilirubin in the blood. Blue light is most effective for Phototherapy because Bilirubin is yellow and it strongly
absorbs blue light.

Product Description

Phototherapy High Bright Super Flux LED Based Unit
Lamps High Bright LED lamps Specially made For phototherapy treatment.
LED life Time energy saving specially made SMPS electronic driver with 30 W maximum at 100-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Power Supply Two bright LED digital displays combination of Red and Green to continues monitor of baby temp and set temp, with easily switchable to °C to °F
Irradiance maximum irradiance at Skin level up to

At 30 cm distance: >85,

At 40 cm distance: >50,1

At 50 cm distance: >33,4

Spectral irradiance distribution – Peak: between 460–490nm
with Effective surface area at 40 cm: 30 cm x 50 cm &
Accuracy: +3% / -15%

Effective surface Treatment area 50 cm x 30 cm at 30 cm from the height from the light source
Timer Digital timer for Total lamp usage and patient treatment exposure
Stand Heavy duty mobile stand mounted on four antiskid castors with height adjustable facility
Source Box Made with Fire Retardant Fiber, Lamp unit tilting facility up to 180°, Lamp unit dimensions L420 mm X W300 mm X H90 mm weight 4Kg ( only source unit)
Height adjustment 1100 mm to 1500 mm from light source to floor
Baby Trolley Detachable multipurpose baby trolley Mounted on anti-skid casters with Bottom Tray To keep Resuscitation items or Bottom surface Phototherapy unit. Baby Trolley Hight adjustable with spring arm with maximum highest position including stand 215 cm and lowest position 130 cm
Baby Tray MS Powder Coated with four sides Clear Acrylic Panels, Front and Both Sides Collapsible with Tilting Facility, Clear Acrylic Base for under surface Phototherapy
Power AC 240V, 50 Hz, 30W Maximum,

Fuse rating 2 Amps Overheat protection Power cut off for
temperature ≥ 85° C

Noise level during normal operation: ≤20 dB(A)

Ambient pressure 1,100 hPa to 700 hPa

Physical Dimensions Phototherapy Stand
Overall dimensions L500 mm X 600 mm X H1900 mm
(at maximum height)
Footprint 550 mm x 600 mm
Weight (Approximate) – 11 kg
Operating temperature range – 18°C to 45°C
Humidity range – 10% to 75% RH Transport / Storage
Temperature range – 10°C to 60°